Barndominium Construction

Barndominium Construction Services in Boerne, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg, TX

Are you dreaming of a unique living space that combines the rustic charm of a barn with modern comfort? J. Arthur Custom Homes specializes in barndominium construction in Boerne, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg, TX. We turn your vision of a barndominium into a reality.

Why Choose Us for Your Barndominium Construction?

At J. Arthur Custom Homes, we understand that a barndominium is more than just a home; it’s a lifestyle choice. Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional barndominiums that offer both functionality and a touch of countryside elegance.

Our Barndominium Construction Services Include

Custom Barndominium

Collaborate with our experienced designers to create a barndominium layout that blends your personal style with the unique characteristics of a barn.

Foundation and

We ensure a solid foundation and structure for your barndominium, combining the rustic aesthetics with modern construction techniques.

Interior Finishes

Customize the interior of your barndominium with high-quality finishes that reflect your taste.


Incorporate energy-efficient features into your barndominium design to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills.

Exterior Siding and Roofing

Choose from various siding and roofing options to achieve the desired look for your barndominium.

Serving Boerne, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg

Our barndominium construction services extend to the following areas:

Boerne, TX

Create a unique countryside living experience with our professional barndominium construction services in Boerne.

Kerrville, TX

Enjoy the blend of rustic charm and modern living in your Kerrville barndominium.

Fredericksburg, TX

Embrace the countryside lifestyle with a beautifully constructed barndominium in Fredericksburg, TX.

Get Started on Your Barndominium Adventure

Ready to embark on your barndominium construction journey? Contact us today for a consultation. We’ll discuss your ideas, budget, and timeline to create a customized plan tailored to your preferences. Our team will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your barndominium becomes the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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